19 Oct

Issue 1. The engine doesn't pursue being turned on. 

Potential Reasons and Solution: 

• Check to check whether unit is connected. 

• Locking Bar isn't secured appropriately. 

• Check if all parts are gathered appropriately. 

• Check if there is any buildup left among Blade and Receptacle. 

• Make sure you stand by 5-10 minutes to restart if machine naturally closes down. 

Issue 2. The engine is running with a boisterous commotion and extreme vibration. 

Potential Reasons and Solution: 

• Check that all parts are amassed appropriately and in the right position. 

Juicing overripe organic product may bring about an excessive amount of mash and will obstruct the Filter. Turn machine off and clean the Filter. 

Issue 3. The engine overheats making the force consequently shut off. 

Potential Reasons and Solution: 

• You may have applied a lot of weight with the Pusher while handling making the engine unintentionally over warmth. This initiates the inherent Thermal Cut Off Switch. The engine will briefly quit working for roughly 10 minutes to chill off. 

• The engine needs to get ready for 5–10 seconds before first use. 

• The products of the soil might be delicate or overripe. 

• There might be a lot of mash in the Filter. Turn machine off and clean the Filter. 

Issue 3. Juice sprinkles from the edge of the container. 

Potential Reasons and Solution: 

• This is ordinary.

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